Ready for an art adventure?!

The Message in a Milkweed Selfie Scavenger Hunt is an opportunity to explore and enjoy Lake County Forest Preserves and the renewal of spring. It is also a way for us to connect and share our hopes for our community in a safe way during a pandemic.

How to participate…

  • Starting on March 19, these milkweed shaped clay pieces will be “planted” in 20 of the Lake County Forest Preserves. Click here for a printed list.
  • Follow Message in a Milkweed on your favorite social media platform to get photo clues of where to find them.
  • Once you find them (yay!), please leave them for others to enjoy! Take a selfie and post on your favorite social media (they are in some of the best spots), and also consider sharing your hopes and dreams for our community. What are the messages you would leave in a milkweed? What seeds of hope would you like to plant? Please consider using the hashtag, #seedsofhopelc
  • Enjoy the beautiful and healthy resource that is Lake County Forest Preserves,
  • Leave no trace! These milkweeds will be collected after May 31, 2021.