Message in a Milkweed is an art project by Tina Bastiani Baldwin

I am an artist and art educator from Grayslake, Il seeking ways to interact with my students and community.

Why message in a milkweed?

Watching a butterfly or a child interact with a common milkweed is anything but common! Even in the dead of winter they have beautiful forms and watching their seeds scatter in the wind in their dancelike movement is such a joy! The hope that a seed scattered in the wind will plant itself and grow seems like a perfect symbol for my artistic intent. I hope that by planting these environmentally friendly art pieces, I am able to create a memorable art experience that inspires hope in others as well. My message in a milkweed is one of hope for my community to find as many ways to connect and grow as possible.

Have a creative day! -TinaMBB
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